We select the highest Japanese quality ingredients to add to the honey. No added preservatives, sugar, chemicals, gluten, nuts, egg and milk. Flavoured Honey matches well with many sweets and savories. You can simply mix with hot water or milk. It is perfect for breakfast such as pancakes, bread, yogurt and smoothie bowls. There are plenty of options to fit any type of morning and to kickstart your healthy eating for the day.


Net weight 150g

Cherry blossom petals reminds Japanese spring. We added a touch of pomegranate juice on Honey to give a sourness and aroma. It is simply delicious with milk, yogurt, bread and you can use for making sweets.


Net weight 150g

We added high quality Japanese Matcha and rock salt on honey. The sea salt flavour enhances the honey’s sweetness and bitterness of powdered green tea. You can mix with hot milk or have it with yogurt or bread. It is ideal for making sweets as well as pancakes.


Net weight 150g

Honey and ginger is a perfect match. It tastes incredible in tea or just mix with hot water.